Tuesday, April 20, 2010

presentation? aduhai..


ari ni aku ade presentation lab utk sepro.. sepro? ape tu.. owh, sori2.. lupe lak nk bgtw. sepro ni, subjek sepration process.. huhu..  lab yg aku present td, lab  sepro yg bertajuk activated carbon.. mende activated carbon tuh? adui. susah gak nk explain... ha.. gini2.. activated carbon ni, secare applikasinye digunakan secare meluas dlm waste water management, iaitu sebagai medium utk membuang bhn2 tercemar yg terkandung dlm aer.. gitu la kisahnye, secare ringkas.. nk explaination yg terpeinci, tggu la aku amik phD dl ek.. hehe..

ni contoh aplikasi activated carbon.. hehe

okeh, enough with that activated carbon.. sbnrnye, aku nk ckp pasal presentation.. isk2, da jauh terpesong da... hmm, b4 presentation td, ade la aku search psl tip2s utk presentation.. contohnye la..

Put it on tape
When you speak -try to speak with passion and enthusiasm. If you speak passionately it will make up for many other shortcomings.

Use pauses
Pause - the power of pausing in a presentation can be very profound. It will also give you a chance to catch your breath.

Don't leave it to the last minute
Don't leave it to the very last minute to work on your presentation. When you know you have to give a presentation - make sure that you leave yourself real time to present - and this is more than half a day the night before. You will be standing up in front of a lot of people - you want to to go well. Plan at least 8 hours over the week before.

Prepare the room in advance
Make sure that you have spent time in the presentation room before your presentation. get to know the room and run through your slides beforehand to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

Always leave handouts.
You have gone to a lot of effort to produce your presentation. Leaving handouts will reinforce your messages, and will help them to remember your presentation when they look at them again. Always include your contact details so that the audience can contact you.

Memorize your speech.
Do not read from your notes, unless you have frozen or not prepared. It will sound flat and stilted. If you have learnt your speech it will sound natural and you will even have the chance to ad lib, if the opportunity arises.

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.
This is one of the biggest mistakes I see. People think that they can "wing it", but in reality those who appear to be "winging it" are often very well prepared. Every one of Frankie Howard's muses such as "ooh, now where was I?" was in the script and well rehearsed.

It takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. - Mark Twain.

hmmm,  harap2 bergune la utk korg.. mne tw korg nk wat presentation nnt.. ingt.! jgn praktis las minute.. huhu.. nnt jadi cam aku smalm.. glabah je.. haha.. ~~


wani gaga gugu gege said...

Good luck!

wani gaga gugu gege said...

Oh da present rupanya.. hahaha good luck utk presentation smlm

sipisenan said...

wani gaga gugu gege : thanks.. hehehee

cik anis said...

sgt brgune.
nty bole praktik.

sipisenan said...

cik anis : btol2.. nnt masuk u nnt.. mesti ade presentation.. hmm, just nk bgtw. impromptu speech tu, lbey kurg spontan nye presentation, tp stil presentation yg sgt2 ok.. klw x silap aku la.. =)

limauais said...

tenkiyu sipi.sesuai tuk aku yg brape terer bab2 presentation.PCS xamek lg.hehe.

syahira ariff said...

tips berguna
activated carbon tue cam bahan radioaktif ker?
eceh,berminat nak tau

sipisenan said...

syahira ariff : hehe, activated carbon tu, terbentuk bile kayu yg dinakar samai jadi arang. x silap aku la, activated carbon ni mcm arang jgk la.. hehe. so, bukan bhn radioaktif la. jgn risau.. =)