Thursday, January 7, 2010

air balloon..

hye korg, da lme kn aku x update.. sowie guyz... hmm, ari ni aku nk aja korg cmner nk wt air balloon... aku try wt, tp x jadik.. maybe aku ni kurang kepakaran kot. hehe.. tp aku post kat cni gak.. mne la tw korg bosan2 kew, boley la isi mase lapang korg, kt bawah ni adalah step2 utk membuat air balloon.. slamat mencube..

  1. Find a suitable plastic bag. Dry cleaning bags work well, but smaller garbage bags may also be used if they are very light weight. Such trash bags usually boast of high molecular density which usually translates to super thin, cheap, and flimsy. That happens to be what we're looking for.Note: plastic releases toxic fumes when burned, so ensure you follow safety precautions and do this only in a well ventilated area.
  2. Attach straws together to form a circle with a diameter of about 12 inches. Do this without glue or tape by inserting the end of one into another and so on.
  3. Tape the opening of the opened bag to the circle of straws. Use light weight tape, and use it sparingly.
  4. Cut a 2 inch square out of thin cardboard like from that of an empty cereal box. Punch four holes near the center (the holes should be slightly smaller than the width of the birthday candles so that they will fit snugly).
  5. Attach a twelve inch piece of thread to each corner of the cardboard square.
  6. Insert candles into the holes we punched. You may need to adjust the center of gravity for our cardboard candle holder to hang properly.
  7. Connect the candle holder to the balloon's opening with the four threads from our candle holder so that it hangs down below the balloon.
  8. Make sure it is about a foot away from the balloon.
slamat mencube.. papepon, hati2 sbb ia mudah terbakar.. dan lagi satu, klw ia dapat terbang skali pon, jgn la korg maen kat area perumahan.. kang nnt x pasal2 ader rumah yg terbakar.. aku x akan bertanggungjwb key.. haha~~



~kuyam~ said...

hahaha sipi.comel jer.wt entry sal air balloon lg :DDD

sipisenan said...

hehe.. biase la... aku kan comey... haha